Video Search Engine Optimization Guide For Youtubers

If you have an excellent blog and try various methods to increase blog traffic, but still not succeeded then this useful guide about video search engine optimization will surely help you out in this scenario.

The good thing about this method is that people take more interest in viewing videos to get exact and instantaneous information rather than reading lengthy articles. So, the right strategy, in my opinion, is to embed videos in your content. Because by doing so, you can facilities both types of users.

Video Search Engine Optimization

Indeed there are two main types of users the first one are those who love to read articles and the second category belongs to those who are eager to get immediate information in shape of videos.

Guide To Complete Video Search Engine Optimization

Generally, bloggers emphasize on Onpage and Offpage  SEO, in fact, they ignore the biggest and the powerful technique which is called video search engine optimization and which is a great way to boost your blog traffic. With this process, they swiftly rank their videos easily and effectively, no matter their videos belong to any niche.

Keyword Research Tips

One can use any paid or free tool to find lucrative keywords. But keep in mind always try to find some best keywords which have good monthly searches and which are easy to rank. below I mentioned some tools hope it can help you a lot.

  • Soovle
  • Youtube Auto Complete
  • Google Trends
  • SEMrush

How To Do Video SEO Effectively

Bloggers who know how to optimize their articles for search engines, they easily did video Seo because same rules are applied in video search engine optimization. You didn’t need any further mystification about video search engine optimization. Affiliate marketers earn thousands of dollars simply by promoting their products through video reviews.

Now the question is how to rank YouTube videos? So, I am here to share with you some about our strategic plan which is advantageous for better video search engine optimization.

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Appropriate Video Length

Most of the Youtubers avoid lengthy videos because they know people merely ignore longer content no matter how much exertion you did on it to create. So, as per my wise opinion, your videos are not more than 3 to 5 minutes long.

By implementing this expedient video search engine optimization youtube technique in your video marketing you can easily increase the number of views, subscribers, as well as the watch time. This will help you a lot to grow you Youtube channel amazingly, with this approach one can rank YouTube videos in Google as well as Youtube at the same time.

Right Way To Choose Video Filename

Selecting a right filename plays an imperious role to rank your videos nicely and effectively. Individuals did a lot of mistakes at the beginning step of their video optimization. They choose the wrong filename, keep in mind you must include your main keyword in your video file name. Do not choose an arbitrary filename. Actually, this mistake is a big hurdle for better video search engine optimization.

Excellent Video Title

In this step, your main attention should be to create a spectacular title, which is catchy. Try to write the title in a way that whenever someone read it they didn’t disregard it and they happily watch out the complete video. Never forget to include your focus keyword in your video title.

Let’s suppose if your keyword is “sparkling text effect” and you want to rank youtube videos in google and youtube at the very same time. Then you must create SEO friendly title for youtube videos. Below are some examples

  • How To Create Sparkling Text Effect In Photoshop
  • Easy Sparkling Text Effect – Photoshop Tutorial
  • Best Sparkling Text Effect – Photoshop Tutorial
  • Create Sparkling Text Effect Photoshop – Easy Tutorial

Another import thing which you never overlooked is that your video titles must not be lengthy. Try to avoid that your characters exceed more than 50 or 55 for better results.

Proper Use Of Video Tags

You are in need to add a couple of tags in this section which are closely relevant to your main keyword. So, before creating the video you have to find some best phrases which you can use in this part wisely, You can also use LSI. At the beginning, you’ll have to include your seed keyword and then you can include other related phrases as well.

By doing so, it becomes helpful for Google and Youtube to understand that what’s your video is all about. On the basis of these tags, your videos are shown in related content.

For your ease, I’ll create a video tutorial in which I have shared with you how to find youtube tags instantly by using chrome extension called heartbeat.

How To Write A Perfect Description

You can write up to 1500 words description but 200 to 400 is good enough. All you need to do is provide necessary information for search engines which help out to know what your video is concerned about.

  • This part belongs to your video description here you need to write few lines which relate and explain the actual anatomy of your video.
  • You must include your main keyword at the beginning and in the line of the last paragraph.
  • Never ever try to over optimize your description you must away from keyword stuffing.
  • Include website Url in it to get more traffic.

How To Select Right Video Categories

Have you ever observed that even there are tons of video content available on YouTube but still they are buried in it and didn’t get any views? It’s all because sometimes folk optimize their video appropriately but they choose the wrong category. So, now I am going to share with you an immediate solution for this problem.

If you are not sure and mystified about the relevant category. You can simply get some help from Google. Write down you targeted keyword in it and noticed the top five youtube results. With this method, you can get a better idea what is the most suitable category you should select.

Don’t Forget To Ping Videos

Well, there are some renown ping services with the help of this everybody can easily ping their websites, blogs, and videos as well. The purpose of these websites is to notify search engines that you have updated a fresh content. It is, in fact,  the best way to rank your content immediately and for better video search engine optimization.

Create Custom Thumbnails

Another important factor for better engagement and improve click through rate (CTR)  is Custom Thumbnails which directly makes a good impact on your video ranking and increase traffic.

If you search on the internet then definitely you’ll prefer the results of the 1st page having eye-catching thumbnails.

End Screen Annotations Youtube

Presently Youtube has launched an incredible feature called end screen annotation with the help of which one can link out and display other related videos in pre-defined templates which are indeed a better way to get more views instantly.

Improve Video Ranking Through Social Indicators

For the better progress of your channel, you can implement all the credible measures which give a new boost. In this case, Social indicators are pretty much helpful to rank your videos earlier, always share your video content on different social profiles and ask your audience to like, share and subscribe it.

How To Build Backlinks For Videos

Mostly the above-stated approaches are helpful to rank your videos but if you target competitive keywords then you need to do some hard work means you need to build some quality backlinks. Below I mentioned some of the best resources

  • Social bookmarks
  • Web 2.0
  • Slide sharing websites
  • Wikis
  • Article marketing  and Embed code as well.

How To Increase Ratings And Comments

The main thing which is important never ever neglects the video quality. Try to research what type of things people are searching for. Then create superlative video material on it which is interesting, informative as well as educative. If you did this portion in the same way then definitely you can easily generate huge likes and comments.


Always emphasize on quality because if you provide an appealing video content you can definitely grow your channel like a pro. By executing our useful video search engine optimization tips you can propagate your channel and get tons of organic traffic and exposure for your blog. If the above said information are useful to you then share it with your friends on social media.

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