Top List Of Free Seo Tools For Best Optimization Of Blogs

Its very enigmatic to maintain a best search engine optimization website. For this purpose people use number of different ways i.e best seo strategies and the remarkable tools of Seo etc. but when we search some basic tools through web. It gives us a huge list of different tools. Most of our fellows can easily confuse to see such lists that which they should use and which not. Another important fact is that most of them are paid which is not possible for many of us to buy them and this creates really a great problem. So, to reduce the problem of my fellow bloggers I am always here to guide them on proper way that which tools are best and helpful for them as well as they should also easy in use. I think all of us should have some basic knowledge about all the tools to nourish our blogs in best way. So, I decided to create a list of free seo tools. These tools will definitely help you to rank your websites for major search engines.

list of free seo tools


Through this you can easily check different fundamentals about your website. It saves your time because you can check your PA, DA, age of your domain, PR, AR, Number of links and Domain IP etc. You can get the whole details with different tools on a single platform called Hopefully you’ll get your desire results with this tool.


As you all know that with the passage of time the competition of blogging raises beyond the limits of sky. So, in this scenario every blogger gives more importance to its Alexa traffic rank. If you have excellent alexa rank the more chances are open to you for different online business where different advertisers contact you and pay for that. Because of this it considers one of the best tool in the list of free seo tools. It basically works under and has its own metrics through which it collects data online from different websites and blogs after this they decided the rank of your website or blog.

Google Keyword Planner Tool

There are many keyword research tools in which mostly are paid. Remember these words help you to rank well in search engines. And they play a significant role in this scenario. But today I am going to share with you about Google keyword planner which comes in above position of my list of free seo tools. The beauty of this tool is that it shows you the competition of different keywords and gives you all the relevant details regarding its searches. After getting the report in which some are low, medium, and high you need to select few of them according to your desire.

Opensite Explorer

As you all know that Search engines give more importance to those websites which have some good DA and PA etc. Today I am going to tell you that how easily you can check them by this handy tool. It helps you to check out not only your DA,PA but it will also facilitate you easily to check all about your social media shares.

XML Sitemap

As we all know that search engines index the websites with the help of their spiders. So, creating of XML Site Map is very important because it helps them crawl easily and index all the pages of your blog. You can generate these maps with the help of different wordpress plugins and remember when ever your post exceeded over 500 you should submit a new site map of your website.

Google Page Speed Insights

As you all know that website speed matters a lot in Seo prospective. Google gives more importance to those websites whose speeds are good so you cannot neglect its role. Also it helps you to get Page rank quickly. In this scenario Page Speed Insights is the best solution to check out the actual speed of your website on Desktop as well as mobile devices. After getting its report you’ll need to pick up some excellent wp plugins through which you can boost up the speed of your website.

Seo Quake Tool

It is really unfair with my loyal readers if I’ll not tell them about this tool. It is one of the best and very easy to use so I recommend this to all my visitors. You just have to install its extension in your browser and it will give you all the required information regarding each and every blog i.e quantity of index pages, Alexa rank , Age of your website as well as PR.

Small Seo Tools

It is pretty similar with Moonsy which consists of list of free seo tools that help a lot to check out the Keyword position, Density, Number of links, Plagiarism, PA, DA, Page speed and AR of your website.

Google Analytics

The list of free seo tools is totally useless without this tool because it is like the physician which examines your whole website from all angles. Through this you can easily judge the number of visitors and time which they spent on your blog. It also shows your page views as well as helpful to understand you that how your website is going on. It also shows you your bounce rate. I think this is the best tool which everyone should apply. I recommend that use it daily at the end of your working day to analyze the progress of your blog.

Google Webmaster Tool

For the running of a smart website or blog this tool will surely the choice of yours among the list of free seo tools which help you a lot. Because with the help of it you can easily get the comprehension report about the keywords, any error if occurs, report about indexed pages as well as show you the different queries through which traffic comes on your website. Its also helpful for submitting the site map which helps to increase organic traffic. The best thing about this is that you can make better your website by judging its position and also know about the crawler activities.


As I have mentioned in my start that there are huge list of free seo tools through which you can easily get top position in SERPs. But its totally impossible to use all of them. As everyone has their own choice that which tool he/she selects for their website or blog. I hope this article will surely help you to save your time as well as money also and you can easily get awesome results with little effort. Don’t forget to share your experiences with different handy tools.

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