The Magical Benefits Of WordPress For Bloggers

As per demand of modern era, blogging is escalating rapidly. Every blogger loves to lock in the blogging cage. So, for this purpose they feel convenient while selecting WordPress for their blogging journey. It is a well known and spectacular Content Management system (CMS).

This tool was founded in May 27, 2003 with the mutual Collaboration of Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. Behind wordpress there is a team of dedicated people who work hard for the betterment of this particular tool.

Benefits Of WordPress

A Great Solution For Seo Friendly Content

It is a remarkable solution for content writers who want to express their views and share precious information across the globe through sharing their articles. The benefits of wordpress are they efficiently optimize your whole content for search engines.

With the help of its powerful plugins and to make your content more attractive you can add relevant images and embedded videos which help their readers for better understanding.

Why People Create WordPress Blog For Their Blogging Goals 

Well other benefits of wordpress are it is self hosted and gives you a complete control through its dashboard and Cpanel which has bunch of features which helps you to manage your blog professionally by little effort.

Indeed there are other alternatives but people take more interest in it. Because it is easy to use, one can nicely deal with his/her blog without having enough knowledge about web languages like HTML, CSS, PHP etc.

Other Blogging Platforms

  • Weebly
  • Joomla
  • Blogger
  • Drupal
  • Tumblr

Great Tool For Creating Professional Website

It allows you to create a responsive website according to the demand of Modern search engines you can nicely add responsive theme for better Seo. Infact you can grab different mobile friendly themes. I recommend you to always use premium one which has more potential rather than using free one.

It is packed with group of Useful features through these you can nicely create a professional blog or website. It is a platform for passionate bloggers. Webmasters take maximum benefits from it. They make money online with the help of this tremendous content management system.

More About Themes

Basically the themes help you to beautify the whole design of your website. It’s come up with group of constructive files with the help of these files you can apply different graphical interfaces which are called templates.

Adding More Functionalities  

Indeed there are numerous online companies which offer complete web development solution. They have a team of professionals who adequately deal with codes and having complete grip of custom coding which is difficult for newbie’s. But you don’t need to worry about this factor it will adjust with the passage of time.

If you’ll create a website through manual coding, In doing so you have to go for lengthy coding even for adding a small functionality which is difficult for newbie’s who are not aware about web development.

Means one must have knowledge of different web languages. For this purpose wordpress is giving you thousands of WP-Plugins , Widgets, Themes for which you are not in need to go for lengthy coding to make it part of your website or blog. They are ready made which are easy to install and in few clicks become fully functional.

Before using any plugin do consider its popularity. It must be light weighted and mobile responsive.  Most of the time beginners install a long list of W-P Plugins which is not necessary. By doing so you’ll face a serious problem regarding the speed of your website. So, do add those plugins which are essential.

Easily Manageable

Cpanel is the basic pillar of this tool where you can manage and install your website and change the password from php my admin, change Admin username by using Cpanel, also create backup for your website and nicely deal with its complete root directories and files as well.

Optimize Your Website Through Seo Friendly Plugins

As I mentioned above that WordPress come up with plenty of useful features along with wide range of plugins which are thousand in numbers and they are escalating swiftly with the passage of time. And it has more potential for optimizing your blog inspite of its alternatives.

  • SEO by Yoast
  • All in one SEO Pack
  • Seo Pressor
  • XML-SiteMap
  • JetPack

The above mentioned list is the epic solution for optimizing your blog and gives you 100 % satisfaction.

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Batter Website Speed

Another advantage of creating website in this particular tool is you can boost up the speed of your website or blog without using CDN with the help of these plugins. Which are mentioned below,

  • WP Super Cache
  • Autoptimize
  • Lazy Load
  • WP-Smushit

By using these you can optimize the speed of your blog. Search engine loves this exercise and noticeably increase the ranking of your website accordingly.

Building A Website Using WordPress

Generally creating websites through coding are very time consuming. Inspite of this the Benefits Of WordPress is such an availability for us which immediately adds accurately all the functionalities.

Either it would be in the form of theme or plugins. It’s an awesome solution which has capability to make your website quicker and Seo friendly compared to other CMS.

Adding Multiple Users

Another great advantage of this promising platform is that it allows you to add more than one user, means multiple user access. Bloggers generally use this option when someone requests him for submitting guest post.


Well I have tried to share this piece of information with simple jargon. Although it was tough to make it in a simple way but I have tried so far for you. Hope it would be beneficial for you and illuminate your knowledge. Waiting for your precious feedback.

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