The Most Lucrative Online Earning Ways

Whenever we talk about online earning the first question which is raised in our minds is that… is there any profitable way through which one can get maximum benefits and earn money online. So, my answer is yes you can get extra money through freelancing and blogging as well. Below I have mentioned some useful ways which will definitely help you out to achieve your goal.

Online Earning

Use Google Adsense

Whenever we talk about the legitimate methods of online earning then most of us gives more value and preference to Google ads rather than its other alternatives. No doubt this is a tremendous choice for monetizing your blog with Google ads. But the problem is that this ad network is a CPC based program.

It will only pay you according to the rules of cost per click and it depends on the ratio of clicks which you are getting on daily basis if your blog is getting enough clicks and has good amount of traffic on your blog then this is the most suitable choice for monetizing blog with this ad network.

Monetize Your Blog with CPM Ads

Online earning with Cost Per Mile ads (CPM) is quite easy way then the above one due to this every bloggers are always finding new ways through which they can make money online with less time and effort. Most of the bloggers and webmasters might be convenient with this method because it is a great solution for bloggers. By using this method they can easily generate huge money with the help of its blog traffic. The beauty of this method is that it will pay you for views or impression.

The most significant part by using this method is that you have enough traffic from all over the world including English and European countries as well. And this is the fantastic way of online earning.

Add Donation Button

Another great way of online earning from your website or blog is to add donation button. But let me first tell you one thing while adding it you need to be very much focused about the content of your blog. In this method it is necessary that your content should be high quality and unique. If you are able to fulfill the demands of your blog readers then definitely they appreciate your work and in reward some of them are willing to donate for your blog.

Best Way To Earn Money Through Freelancing

Online earning through freelancing is also a beneficial way. Here you can easily find thousands of jobs regarding your experience and skill. If you are a competent Graphic designer, Article writer, Web developer, Computer programmer then this is the most suitable place to fulfill your desire and earn huge money through freelancing.  Below I have mentioned some platforms where you can easily grab freelancing work.

Odesk, Elance, Freelancer and Fiveer

Affiliate Marketing

This is the most authentic and genuine method of online earning. There are numerous blogs and websites which earn thousands of dollars in each month. By using this technique what all you need to do is monetize your website or blog with affiliate link and if you successfully sell any product you will be paid. Below I mentioned some Top affiliate programs that can be very useful in this scenario.

Clickbank, Commission junction, Amazon Associates.

Write Product Reviews

Well if you have excellent grip on writing then I recommend you to write product reviews. By doing this practice you’ll easily made few bucks. There are plenty of websites who allows writing reviews, what you have to do is register yourself and choose any product for writing review and they will pay you for that effort .

Well according to my little knowledge reviews are very helpful for the buyers who don’t have any idea about the product which they are going to buy. Through reading reviews they will get all the necessary information regarding the product.

Sell Ads Space

Now it’s time to share another lucrative method of online earning through blogging. Yes you can sell ads space on your blog and earn some good money from it but this method is only successful if you have some good traffic on your blog or website. Because advertisers take more interest on particular blog or website which has excellent traffic after analyzing its traffic state and afterward they decide to share their paid ads on your blog.

Selling Your Products

This is the last and highly used method. In this method you don’t need any extra skill all you need to do is just register yourself and fill up the necessary details regarding your product which you are going to sell online along with eye catching picture because images attract the customers. OLX and eBay are the great platforms for this and you can also find number of websites that will also provide you the same services.


Generally the freelancers and bloggers adopt the above mentioned ways to earn money online. The picture of online earning is still not clear. We all need to work hard in this regard. I’ll wait for your valuable response in comment section.

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