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Well today I am enthusiastic to host this spectacular interview of Rohan Chauby. He is a passionate blogger belongs to India, and he is the founder of “Be Rohanlicious”

So, without losing your precious time let’s Interview with Rohan.

Interview With

A Brief Introduction About Rohan Chaubey…

Rohan is often called as relationship strategist, social media enthusiast, programming geek and a young technology blogger with a penchant for personal development. 

His blog encourages readers to be – Real, Optimistic, Honest, Admirable, Nice, Leader, Inspiration, Creative, Insightful, Opportunistic, Unique and Selfless in real as well as virtual world.

He has collaborated with best-selling authors, small business owners, reputed IT communities and celebrated bloggers for content production and publicity.

He is a multi-passionate writer with expertise in writing about Programming, Blogging, Social Media, Personal development, and Technology. 

His first e-book – “Make People Want You” is launching soon towards the end of the year 2015.

How And When You Started Your Blogging Journey?

Before I started my own blog, I used to blog on a gaming site. I shared my thoughts there and people used to up-vote it like crazy. Often times, my blog posts used to get ranked in the top 10 in no time. 

After a few months, I created my own blog “Be Rohanlicious”, and shared some programming tutorials there. It evolved and now it’s a multi-niche blog covering topics such as social media, blogging, programming and self development. 

Name Few Bloggers/Blogs Who Inspired You.

No one inspired me to take up blogging. I unknowingly entered into blogging and one of my friends insisted me to start writing programming tutorials at my blog.

Later, I joined Harleena ma’am’s Aha-NOW ABC community where I learned how blogosphere works and how to maintain a win-win networking relationship with other blog or small business owners.

All the bloggers are an inspiration. We learn so much from each other. J

Time Management Is The Biggest Concern For A Blogger. How Do You Manage Your Time And Strike A Perfect Balance Between Studies And Blogging?

I’m an engineering student pursuing Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering. It is very important for me to concentrate on studies and also take some time out to maintain my blog.

I feel I’ve been able to successfully manage both – studies and blogging. I get good grades in college and I see myself doing fairly good in blogging too. *insert humbleness here* 😉

I categorize all my studies and blogging activities into — Important and Urgent. I break every task into small units. Or else multitasking leads me to nowhere.

We often end up doing things which don’t really matter that’s why I maintain a to-do list and a calendar.

The to-do list contains the activities that are urgent. And the tasks that are important are transferred to the calendar.

For example: Haircut appointment is marked on the calendar as it is important. Whereas, writing a post for someone else is placed in the to-do list because it is urgent. This helps a lot.

What Is Your Opinion About Blogging? People Might Think That Making Money Through Blog Is Quite Easy. What Do You Think?

Blogging has changed me and helped me so much in my personal development. I feel I’ve become a better person than I was before. My writing skills have drastically improved. Blogging is a blessing in disguise.

I got opportunities to connect to so many like-minded writers and I don’t think I would have ever got a chance to exchange emails and learn from industry’s top performers if I wasn’t having a blog.  

I believe blogging is one of the most unrewarding and challenging business model on the internet, but once you’re established as an expert or pro, sky is the limit.

I’m not a money blogger. My deepest passion is to help others using all my gifts. I firmly believe that the person, who gives the most, always wins. 

I’m soon releasing my first e-book “Make People Want You”. I’m super excited because it will serve two purposes: 

1. I’ll be able to help my readers. The e-book is all about strategies to stand out and be heard in this over-crowded world.

The e-book can help you win hearts of your readers, clients, influencers, friends and even haters. It’s all about making people like you.

All I want to convey from this book is — never jump on the bandwagon. Have the courage to be different and stand up for what you believe in.

2. Extensive revenue that will be generated from the sales of the e-book will be donated to a charity. I support education, so I’m in the process of getting my partnership approved with one of the catholic charity organization. 

To answer your question, I’ve seen many of my blogger friends earning good from their blog. They don’t have a full time job, but whatever they earn from blogging is more than enough for them. So I think with lots of hard work and patience, you can earn well through blogging.

According To You, What Are The Most Lucrative Methods Of Blog Monetization?

As I mentioned in my previous replies, I’m not a money blogger. My blog is completely Ad free, I don’t sell anything and I’ve never agreed to promote any products on my blog or social media accounts.

I just want to help as many people as humanly possible and want to establish myself as an expert in this field.

I’ve collaborated with a celebrated Pak blogger Mustafa Ahmedzai, I can reveal some of his income methods. His company is Pakistan’s first ever registered company of Pro bloggers and their main source of income is consulting, web designing services, sponsored/paid posts, SEO, Ad banners, AdSense, etc. One can also work as a freelancer writer or designer.

What Methods You Are Using For Driving Traffic Towards Your Blog?

My major blog traffic comes from social media. I relentlessly keep sharing my posts on major social networking sites.

Some methods that always work for me to drive traffic to my blog:

  1. Sharing posts in blogging communities like Aha-NOW.
  2. Social media.
  3. Guest posts.
  4. Infographics.
  5. Content repurposing – SlideShare, e-book, etc.
  6. Expert roundups.
  7. Series posts. At my blog I’ve two of them – Ask Rohan and Expert Speak.

Which Tools Are Helpful For Novice Bloggers For The Betterment Of Their Blogs?

I always recommend these two tools: Google Keyword Tool and Google Analytics.

What Message Would You Like To Give To My Readers?

I would say, do not enter blogging to compete, enter to dominate it.

Always share your expertise and opinions; you might end up helping a few people. The stuff you feel easier to do might be difficult for someone else. Go find those people and help them.

The world craves something fresh from you. Stop doing things which others have already done. 

You have so much goodness and potential in you. You just need to believe in yourself.

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