How To Increase Organic Site Traffic 100 % Without Backlinks

Hello, guys if you want to know how efficiently one can increase organic site traffic 100 % without creating any backlinks then this is the most suitable guide for you.

Every blogger does their best to increase website traffic fast, so, for the exact purpose they choose all the potential methods which are advantageous for getting massive traffic flow from search engines. And to increase organic site traffic effectively.

In this era of blogging our main aim should be to adopt the legitimate ways to increase organic traffic which easily wins the hearts of different search engine algorithms and compel them to reward us in shape of organic traffic.

increase organic site traffic

This is seriously a very beneficial approach for generating more revenue through blogging. With the help of this one can get targeted search engine traffic and dramatically increase the number of unique visitors.

Although you can find huge literature on the same topic that how to effectively boost organic site traffic. Indeed you have already read numerous articles but still, folks are curiously searching for this. So, I am here to share with you some of my strategies which are prolific in this regard. 

Increase Organic Site Traffic With These Magical Conduct  

Your first approach should be to create a spectacular content which has a potential to rank earlier. While writing you must have in your mind how to meet with search engine writing guidelines and how to satisfy the readers of your blog through your writing style.

So, guys don’t be confused anymore here are few magical steps to follow while creating content. On the basis of these, you can easily rank your post on 1st page of Google.

Keep in mind if you follow the exact procedure no matter you are writing posts for any niche you can get magnificent results in a very short period of time.

Role Of Keywords

Although keywords have a very prominent role to increase organic site traffic swiftly. Most of the starters overlook the most important part and they randomly target useless phrases which are just a wastage of time.

Always retain in mind if you haven’t analyzed the keywords volume properly. Means, you didn’t analyze the monthly searches, competition and you didn’t check out that who are your competitors so you’ll never get any fruitful results.

As per your choice you can use any keyword research tool to find most relevant as well as profitable keywords for your content. Below I have mention 2 most powerful tools in my opinion.

  • Long Tail Pro
  • SEMrush

Apart from that, you need to do some more research which makes your work more prominent than others. As a blogger, you must be vigilant and keep a close eye on different QA websites like Quora and well-known forums.

In this way, you can easily filter the most discussed topics which have huge searches. So, your next step is to write on a particular topic and choose most relevant keywords which people are searching for. This method is very handy to increase organic reach.

  • Quora
  • Digitalpoint
  • Blackhatworld and Warriorforum are some best resources.

Never Forget To Use Long Tail Keywords

Indeed Long tail keywords are the treasure which maximizes the search engine traffic. So, using these phrases in your blog is a very healthy practice according to the SEO perspective. Now, the question will arise in your mind that why these are so important? And how it can help us?

So, my answer is very simple it’s all because long tail keywords are more specific and generally they have a very less competition as compared to short tail keywords. That’s why you can easily rank in Google without doing any extra struggle.   

Must Have Your Focus Keyword In Title

Try to create your post title in a way that your visitors don’t have any choice to leave your website and they happily click the URL of your website immediately.

  • Include the main keyword in your title.
  • Try to place your targeted phrase in the beginning of the title. Although it’s not necessary but it’s good if you did it in the same way.
  • As a blogger, our major responsibility is to write noticeable content but only quality writing is not enough, for getting more eyeballs on your content one must use magical words for creating a captivating title for his blogs, which has a potential to go viral and grab the attention of your readers.
  • I have seen that most of the beginners overlooked the most significant part of blogging. Indeed they didn’t aware the benefit of attractive Post titles. Believe me, if you did this part in a right way you’ll easily get enough traffic from different organic and social media sources.
  • If you are not convenient to make catchy headlines manually for a blog post. Then I have an instant solution for you guys hope it can help you a lot and save your precious time as well. In fact, I am going to share with you a fantastic topic generator.

Instant Blog Topic Generator HubSpot’s

This is an amazing tool for creating quality headlines. It is very easy to use all you need to do is write down your main keyword in it and it will instantly provide different results.

For making your post titles more appealing you can use these magical words which have a potential to go viral easily. Because these words compel readers to read and share more.

  • How to
  • Top
  • Best
  • Free
  • Killer
  • Secret
  • Essential

Keep in mind that your post title must not be lengthy, must be easy to read and having your focus keyword in it.

Always Focus On Keyword Density

Individuals are still mystified about Keyword density. So, I am here to explain what actually it is? and how to protect your valuable content from keyword stuffing. Well, the repetition of your targeted phrase is called keyword density.

SEOPressor Connect Plugin is the fantastic solution in this regard. It will show you the Onpage Seo score of your content along with over optimization factors. 

Never ever try to include any keyword which looks unnatural because this practice compels Google animals to slap your site.

Instead of repeating the main phrase continuously try to use synonyms and closely relevant LSI for your seed keyword.

Permalink Optimization Is Beneficial

Guys if you want to do proper Seo of your posts then you’ll have to optimize the structure of your permalink because permalink optimization matters a lot in Search engine optimization.

Keep in mind if you want to rank your post then you must edit the permalink and include primary keyword in it. Another important thing, do not use stop words in your permalinks because search engines simply ignore it if they find any stop word in post URL.

Images Optimization SEO

Adding visuals in shape of eye-catching images, infographics and videos are also significant for more engagements. But the key thing is that your images should be well optimized.

Things which you’ll have to do before optimizing your images, keep a close eye on large scale images because these are the main reason which affects the speed of your blog.

Try to resize and compress your images as per your needs before uploading them on WordPress CMS. For this purpose, you can use Photoshop, plugin for WordPress and for guidance you can also read out this post in which I have shared 6 Awesome free online tools for bloggers.

To increase organic site traffic from different search engines one must include his main keyword in Alt tag as well as a description.

How To Interlink Blog Posts In WordPress

Never underestimate your older posts indeed interlinking help you a lot and improve yours on page SEO. This method is very much fruitful to increase visitors, decreases the bounce rate and also to increase search engine ranking of any website.

For appropriate WordPress post interlinking, you have to analyze your content wisely and to link with relevant previously written posts.

Use Article Heading In WordPress

Separating your post through paragraphs and use of headings in your articles are an excellent practice for more user engagement. Because in this way they can easily read your content conveniently rather than if you have written the whole material in essay style.

Because on internet people want to extract information in hurry. So, most of the individuals simply read out the headlines of your article only to get an idea what your content is all about.

Try to beautify your post through proper paragraphs and headings. You can target your desired keywords in headings and subheadings to increase organic site traffic. You can use 6 heading styles h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 in your content to attract search engines.

Social Media

Another brilliant strategy for the better evolution of your blog is Social media. Through social indicators, you can very easily win the race of search engines optimization and rank your content in a very opportune way without creating any backlink.

Facilitate readers through social media sharing button. All you have to do is to increase your social media followers and share your posts in relevant Facebook groups, Google plus communities, Twitter, for maximum exposure.

Get Benefit From SEO Plugins

On the internet, you can find a variety of SEO Plugins but the plugin which I am using myself is Yoast SEO. But if you can afford and want quicker results and improve Onsite SEO then you can also try SEOPressor Connect On page SEO Solution.

Otherwise, you can use Yoast. By using this spectacular WordPress plugin you can analyze the SEO score of your content before publishing, and you can nicely optimize Meta title, description and keywords of your posts very easily.

Update Content Consistently

Try to create an epic post which revives search bots to index your content instantly.

Frequently updating handy content is a key to increase organic site traffic.

Quality should be your leading priority in this case. You’ll have to check multiple times that your article is free from all sorts of writing mistakes and plagiarism.

You must know how to do onsite SEO splendidly.


Well, these are some superlative tricks to increase organic traffic if you are stuck with these fundamental principles you’ll get superb results. I have shared all the procedures which intensely increase organic site traffic.

Hope this guide is useful for you for better blogging journey. If you like this piece of content do share it on social media and always share your opinions and thoughts in comment section.

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