Importance Of Blog Commenting & 3 Effective Methods For Getting Great Results

In this article I am trying to explain the factual anatomy of comments that why people use this method in blogging. Well the answer is pretty simple it’s all because that they are eager to promote their blog all over the world. They want their own identity in the world of blogging. Indeed they know the importance of blog commenting.

importance of blog commenting

How Much Important Are Comments

Well as I mentioned earlier that a professional blogger is well aware of the core benefits and importance of blog commenting. They know this technique help them to get backlinks. Infact the links they get from this technique is mostly no-follow. Usually search engines give less value to such types of links.

But still this practice is obliging for increasing the authority and getting quality traffic on your blog. There are several methods for getting more and more comments on your blog out of which I’ll share 3 different methods which are helpful for achieving your target.


Kingged is the great online platform for bloggers. By using this noteworthy social website you can easily promote your blog means it is the best source to get quality traffic and comments. Here is the place where you can find reputable and well-known online marketers and top bloggers.

It has different categories where users can share their blog posts and unique articles, according to the relevant category of their niche. It is the decisive way which helps you to make nice relationship with experienced bloggers and online marketers.

If you want to participate in this website and access it’s all features. So, the first thing you need to do is create an account in it. Now you can send and accept friendship requests, receive notification from kingged and if you are facing any difficulty while using you can get necessary information from administrative team.

Most of the members are active over there. You can share your posts, use king and unking option and most importantly comments on other post. But make sure that your feed-backs are good enough and nice to read. Don’t make one line comments your comments should be 4 to 5 lines.

When other Kinggers share their views on your post. It is important to reply their feeback as comment. And do comment on their post. This way you’ll get decent traffic along with flood of worthwhile comments.



Another handy way to get more engagements and comments on your blog is to install Comment luv plugin for WordPress, which make it easy for you to get more comments and traffic on your blog. It is indeed a powerful way to make great relations with professionals.

Pro bloggers suggest it to the Novice. And this is the most professional and authentic way to deal with your comments. users pay more attention to those blog who enabled this plugin. And this is the great way to make quality Backlink for your website/blog. 

Installing Commentluv plugin is not a big deal, infact you can easily install it in your WordPress with few clicks. Login to your W-P Dashboard click on Plugins >> Add New. Here is the place where you can search any kind of plugin which you are going to install.

But in my case I’ll search Commentluv. You need two more steps to accomplish it. Click on Install and then Activate. Keep in mind that it has both paid and free version now it depends on you which one you select.

Top Commentators Widget

Top Commentators Widget

Another astounding W-P plugin which is the efficient solution for encouraging your regular commentators of your blog is Top Commentators widget. So, you don’t need to be anxious any more. There are numerous plugins which we use for the purpose of dealing with comments. But in my case i have selected Top Commentators Widget for appropriate purpose.


Login to your W-P Dashboard click on Plugins >> Add New >> Search widget Click on Install and then Activate.

Complete Settings Guide

Change Widget Title:

In first option you need to add the title of your widget.

Add Description Below The Title:

Well it all depends on you whether you want to add description or not.

Exclude These Users:

This is another great feature by using this option you can exclude any commenter who you don’t want to see in the list of this remarkable widget.

By default it will show your name along with your picture so you are in need to exclude your name, infact you can exclude more than one by adding commas, between the commenter’s name.

Reset List Every:

When you reach to this option you’ll find a drop down list along with different options you’ll configure it as per your demand. Set it on monthly or weekly basis. By doing so if you set it on monthly basis all the feedbacks which you’ll get in this period of time is automatically expired or disappeared.

Or Specify Number Of Day:

You can see a block you can add value like how many days you want to show comments. So, it depends on you whether you want to add this value for 1 day, 5 days, 30, 45, 60 or much more.

Limit Number Of Names To:

This is another constructive option which is suitable for configuring the number of names which you have shown in list of commentators. You can give value in numbers that how much names should be shown in list. 

Limit Characters In Names To:

You can set this on (20 or 25)

Remarks For Blank List:

You can write whatever you think is the best for this option. Well I myself write in this field (Be the first to comment). I skip the rest of options.

Display List As:

This option contains two options i.e. Bulleted and Numbered. Now it depends on your required settings. But mostly it is set on Bulleted.

Hyperlink Each Name:

Choose Yes for configuring this option.

Open Each Link In A New Windows:

Set them on Yes because whenever users click on this link it will open it in new windows.

Show No Of Comments On Each Commenters:

Always set this option on (Yes) because it allows your user to see how much comments they have done on your blog.

(Hijack-Proof?) Group Commentors Based On:

It contains two options the first one is E-mail the other one is User name Select (E-mail) for proper setting of your widget.

Showing In Homepage Only:

Every blogger want to show this widget on every page of their blog so for this reason Always select (No) if you select Yes then it will only show on your home page.

Display Only Commentors With Url:

Choose (No) for suitable setting

Display Gravatar:

This is the most significant part of your whole configuration of Top Commentators Widget in which you can apply two different setting i.e. If you don’t want to show the Gravatar image then you select No.

But mostly webmasters set them on (Yes) because they want to show Gravatar image.

Use The Following Default Gravatar:

Specify the appropriate size of your Gravatar 20, 25, 30 depends on you.

Show An Award If Comments Are Equal Or Greater Than:

If any user complete 5, after completing 5 it will show the award image. Align the award image according to your desire. Last step is click on save and view your website on webbrowers.


I have tried to give you various tips which can be useful for the promotion of your blog. Infact I have shared my personal techniques which works 100 %. Hope this piece of information will illuminate your knowledge. Kindly share it with your friends on different social media.

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