How To Add Google Plus Badge On Your Website

google plus badge
Written by Muhammad Mairaj

Now a days all ambitious bloggers are trying to make their blogs most popular for this they use different methods and strategies and join different platforms. As we all know that Facebook is the best and the biggest social platform for such bloggers but now demands of bloggers increase day by day for another such platform through which they can enhance their blogging activities as well as social engagement. For this purpose Google introduces its new social media platform G+ in 2011. It takes near about 2 years to make it high standard platform. Now it comes as the 2nd largest social media website. So, I decided to write an article on G+ that what is it, what is its importance and how you can add Google plus badge on your website.

google plus badge

Now all the Internet users try to be a part of G+ as its popularity is increasing rapidly. It allows to make circles of different groups of people you can join them by different options i.e. Following, Friends, Family, Acquaintances and you can make your own new circle also. The first priority of any professional blogger is to improve his/her SEO Ranking for this purpose he/she uses different successful and effectual strategies for the up ranking of their blogs. So, for this every blogger wants to be a part of G+ through which he/she can promote their websites and blogs and show their excellence social involvement also get worthy traffic for their blogs.

Importance Of Google Plus

As Google owns G+ so it has great importance for it and also has great significance for its popularity. Through it you can get different links for your single post which are mostly dofollow whether you got it directly or by sharing, this is also very beneficial. As you know that Google is very quick in indexing any website that updates on frequently basis so, its advantage is that most of the content is hidden from search engines is near about invincible also your audience can find your content through standard search engine. You can meet many high authority persons on G+ so by sharing your content on it with such persons you will also improve your own authority. Different peoples concentrate and put efforts only on Facebook but it has been seen that if the same efforts put on G+ it pays more than Facebook or any other social network. So, the users of G+ is rapidly increasing and hope that soon it will become the 1st largest social media platform.

Join Google Plus Platform For Better Ranking

As I have mentioned above that it is very worthy to join such platform for the best ranking of your blog or website because it is the best solution for bloggers, online marketers and business etc. For this you have to join it for getting its worthwhile benefits. Try to expand your circles on it. Make your posts more and more public, make yourself easily accessible for this you want to make a top notch profile or you can add G+ Badge on your blog through which you are easily accessible.

How To Add Google Plus Badges And Icon

To make yourself more social and popular you should have to add Google plus badge or icon on your blog. Below mentioned are the few steps through which you can easily add it on your blog. Follow these steps carefully to get the most admiring results.

Step 1:

The very first thing which you have to do is to login your Gmail account. Click on your photo which is right near share button on the top when you click you see the option View profile just click on it.


Step 2:

After clicking you’ll on new window in which you have Change Cover option, when you click on change cover you have again two options i.e Gallary and Upload. In Gallary you have lot of images in which you have to choose on your choice for your cover. But the better option is that you have your own cover as the cover of my blog etutorialblog shown in picture like this you can add your own cover by clicking on Upload.

Google plus badge2 

Step 3:

After this go to this link https://developers.google.com/+/web/badge/ this link will provide you the exact setting page for making Google plus badge. In Google+ User Option Go with up arrow on your name select it.

Step 4:

In this step you have many options which I am going to explain step by step.

If you need to add Icon on your Blog or website in Features Option then click on Icon it will give you the code. It will your choice that on which position you want to add it on your website or blog but here we are talking about Badge. So, In Features Option click on Badge. After this again you have two options in Layout i.e. Portrait and Landscape. Both badges are shown in pictures it depends on you which Google plus badge you want to choose for your website. Click on that option. I’ll prefer Portrait.

Also set the width of your badge according to your demand.

Google plus 4 badge

Step 5:

After setting the width of your badge again you have two options about the Colour theme of your Google plus badge the options are Light and Dark. If you select the light option then you have white background of your badge while on selecting the dark one you have a beautiful badge with Black background as shown in the picture.

Google plus 5 badge 

Step 6:

After the Colour theme option on same setting page your next option is Cover Photo which is about the cover of your badge as we have mentioned in step 2 about the cover which everyone select their own. If you don’t want any cover on your badge then click on Disabled. Your badge will be as shown in picture. But if you want a badge with cover click on Enabled. Also click on Enabled option in Tagline.

Google plus 6 badge 

Step 7:

When you have completed the whole setting you will see a complete code below your badge. You have to done nothing just Copy the given code.

Google plus 7 badge 

Step 8:

After Copy the given code all you need to do is to login to your WordPress account then Go to Appearance and click on Widgets.

Google plus 8 badge 

Step 9:

Now you will be on Available widgets carry a Text and select your desire position where you want to show your Google+ Badge on your blog Paste the code there. After doing the whole process click on Save.

Google plus 9 badge

Congratulates you have successfully add Google plus badge on your website.


No doubt Google is the paragon on internet sphere. So, we can say that G+ is a really precious pearl for Seo. Many bloggers, businessmen and experts use it’s fullest advantages. It helps to boost your traffic as well as plays significance role for up ranking of your blog. So, its very sensible and prudent to add Google plus badge on your blog so, that your users as well as fans can easily approach to you. If you have joined G+ share this article with your other friends and followers. And also don’t forget to share your thoughts and opinions.





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  • Google+ is the most important social media which we all could not skip this, your know friends..? It is one of the best to improve the authorship ranking and website quality. Thanks for sharing..!

  • Google+ badge is very important for every blog owner, there is always the need to have the badge on your blog, so i will encourage every blogger to do just that, and this post is on ground to help you.
    thank you so much Muhammad.

    • Thanks Emebu,
      Google Plus Badge infact gives you the identity in online community its also a great source to make your contacts easy to your readers/ visitors. Through this they can easily share your content.

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  • Hi Miraj,
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