6 Awesome Free Online Tools For Passionate Bloggers

If you want to alive your blog in blogosphere then you must understand the science behind the most successful bloggers, that how they get extraordinary positions in blogging. Bloggers must vigil on minimal things for the batter growth of their blogs. They must understand if they continue their work with same old fashion techniques then they failed after some time.

free online tools

So, it is very important that they come up with unique and innovative ideas, they should be always eager to polish their skills, must be consistent, Indeed they focused on Google but their main priority is to write down a piece of content which fulfill the demand of their readers, they are always experiencing free online tools. They are always ready to expand their acquaintances.

All the things cannot be done manually in this age of development. By considering this bloggers also use different handy online tools to get better results. Internet is enriched with the collection of different online tools which may be free or paid. Well today I am going to share with you various free online tools which would be more fruitful in little time. Your main target is only success. Believe me you can only be successful when you are passionate, you love your work and your content is well researched and well composed.

Free Online Grammar Tool

Online Grammar Tool

This is an awesome tool for checking your content about grammatical errors. By using this handy online tool you can easily fix all the grammatical mistakes which you have made in your content. It consists of three menus. By using these menus and the formatting bar you can format your whole text same as in Microsoft Word. You can use all the formatting options (Bold, Italic, alignment options and different types of bullets etc) in your text.

How To Use Grammarcheck.me Online Tool by etutorialblog

All you need to do is write in it or paste your text here which you want to check either its grammatically correct or not. Then click on Check your text option which will highlight if it contains any error so it would be easy to resolve respective issue.

Free Online Vocabulary Tool


If you want to know the meaning of any word more about in detail then you should experience this free online tool. It is the fantastic solution for content writers and constructive for both experienced and novice bloggers. Indeed this is the great way to increase your vocabulary. If you don’t know the meaning of any particular word you don’t need to be worried any more. All you need to do is write down your word and search it.  It is the immediate way through which one can improve vocabulary. I hope you guys definitely like it.

How to Increase Your Vocabulary Instantly by etutorialblog

Reduce Image Size In Kb Through Optimizilla


When you create a website, one of the fundamental factors is the loading speed. In this situation professionals take help from numerous free online tools. Mostly webmasters relay on different caching and image optimizing plugins as well as CDNs, but today I will put forward an important online tool i.e. Optimizilla which efficiently tackle your images. Means it allows you to optimize your whole images by compressing their sizes.

Free Backlink Checker

Site explorer

Link building is the vital part of Search Engine Optimization. Mostly bloggers don’t care about this factor. In whole process of creating links you need to focus on quality rather than taking part of a marathon.

They blindly continue this practice even through irrelevant which is totally wrong. They have to come across Google Algorithms  as penalty.

How To Get Quality Backlinks

There are number of technique for getting quality backlinks out of which I am enthusiastic to share an spectacular online tool through which you can see the whole report of your backlinks. Not only your report but you can also check out the link building sources of top bloggers.

How To Instantly Create Powerful Backlinks For… by etutorialblog
How to Use This Tool

To use this tool you have to write the URL in it and then press enter on your keyboard. Then it will provide relevant report which will show the links sources. Along with this it will show you Alexa Rank, Google PR of particular website. On the basis of this you can easily understand how to get links from other websites. This tool helps you out to see the sources of links of top bloggers and associate with them. This will be advantageous for your blog on long term basis.

Free Online Correction Tool

online correction

This is another fabulous free online tool with the help of this you can fix the spelling and grammatical mistakes. Before using you’ll see a text area in which different words with different colors are shown. What you have to do is slightly move your mouse on those specific words it will show you relevant information that what mistake you have done in your content.

Write down or paste your desired text, click on Auto correct option and then click on submit button. It will highlight the mistakes.

Online Correction Tool For Spelling and Grammar by etutorialblog

Hubspot Blog Topic Generator


If you instantly want to generate blog topic efficiently by little effort for your upcoming post then this is one of the excellent free online tools. Article writing is not a big task if you have enough literature regarding specialty of your blog. The thing which is difficult is how to generate an awesome topic which compels your readers to go through. Hubspot is a great solution to this problem.

Enter your desired keyword or phrase in it. It will automatically generate few suggestions regarding your phrase.

How To Instantly Generate Topic For Your Blog Post by etutorialblog

Well in this article I have tried to come up with simple and free online tools which will help you to save your precious time. I recommend you to experience these tools. Every single tool which I have mentioned here has its own importance. In case of any query you can share your views and thoughts in comment section.  Now what you can do at your end is share this post to your friends through social media.

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