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facebook fanpage widget
Written by Muhammad Mairaj

Facebook is the epic foundation for every blogger and internet marketer and they know its significance that what its core importance. In fact, this might be the immense source of targeted traffic. It has maintained its position among other social media networks. One can understand this thing that with the passage of time it’s going to be more popular and on daily basis, a huge number of internet users have been found to be involved in using it.

facebook fanpage widget

As we all know that due to the demand of modern era content management system like WP, Joomla, Drupal are very much renowned nowadays.  It is a genuine fact for every blogger who is using (CMS) like WordPress that it allows you a variety of plugins which help you out for adding new functionalities and features. This gives a new shape and value to your website or blog. So, today I am here to share with you a spectacular Facebook fanpage widget for WordPress called  ”New Face Book Fan Box Widget” that how to add this widget on your website and get maximum benefits.

Facebook Is The Biggest Source Of Targeted Traffic

If you are running your website on the internet then you are in need to participate in Facebook groups these groups helps you to get targeted traffic to your website or blog. And it is an impressive way to spread your content worldwide. You can also share it with your friends.

The very important step which should not be neglected is to create fanpage of your website this may help you to increase the number of likes. These likes show the popularity of your website or blog. Well if you want to get maximum likes in few days it is not possible normally.

So, you can promote your page on Facebook through paid advertisement, in this method you have to create an ad and set the budget this will helps you to get more likes.

Always Relay On Quality WordPress Plugins

Nowadays every webmaster takes more and more interest to find extraordinary ways which help them to shape out the look and the functionalities of their website. Due to this, they show their tendency towards those plugins which are conveniently accessible to them. They are thousands in number and you can use them without any cost but still some of them are premium for which you have to pay.

Facebook Widget Is The Best Solution For Promoting Fan page

Everybody who wants to get more likes and promote their Facebook fan page, free of cost so, you are landing on the right page where you’ll get all the compulsory information regarding Facebook fanpage widget. Indeed this may help you to increase the traffic to your blog instantly. So, I recommend you to use it for awesome results.

How To Install New Face Book Fan Box Widget

To avoid complications in its installation you just have to follow the given instructions step by step.


The very beginning step is to Login to your WordPress account >> Go to plugins >> Addnew


Write the name of your required plugin _________________ in Search bar >> Click on search plugin


After search, a detail will open you just have to click on Install now and Activate Plugin.


Go to Appearance >> Click on Widgets then what you have to do is simply drag your widget to your required position and drop it over there.


Login to your Facebook account and click on your fanpage copy the Url and then paste it into the facebook fanpage widget option. Below title in Facebook Page URL option. I prefer to have the same size but its optional. So, you can adjust its height and width as per your requirement.


Default settings

Show Friend Face Yes

Hide cover Page No

Show Page Posts No

You can hide the friend faces and cover photo as well and if you are interested to show the posts. So, you need to select Yes in Show Page Post option and click on Save and check out the blog. For more handy tips related to FB read our blog consistently and don’t forget to vigil on an incredible post about recover deleted facebook message instantly  


I this tutorial I have tried to put forward a very impressive widget which is an excellent source to promote your fanpage instantly. Please drop your valuable comments in comment section. Do share this piece of information with your friends and others. Waiting for your suggestions.

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  • Hi sir!
    I think you have given the much-needed information here. Most of the bloggers who are new to CMS like WP feel it like a hassle of their hands to code it.
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    • Hi Vashishtha,

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  • Hi Mairaj,

    These days Facebook is a biggest social market place, If we need instance traffic on our website then Facebook is only one best resources for generate instance traffic on website, I love fan page features by help of fan page we can target specific audience into very short time.. good article bro.

    Mohd Arif

    • Hi Mohd Arif,

      Nice to see you again after a little gap.

      I totally agree with you that Facebook is the remarkable source of getting targeted traffic to your website or blog. And this article is about the Facebook widget which helps you out to promote your fan page. So, users can also share your page with others. Infact this widget help you to get some quality traffic on your blog.

  • Indeed awesome share, Using of widgets will surely ensure to get some likes to our fanpages so its recommended to use it on blogs,


  • Hi Muhammad Mairaj

    I’ve increased likes and traffic via facebook page this widget really works well to increase your potential users.If you have good numbers of people following your page you can earn via that page too.Nice tutorial tips you have given for the readers to start using widget on there blog.

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