Easy Affiliate Marketing Traffic Sources For Bloggers

Every affiliate marketer knows the importance of generating traffic to their website or blog. So, in this post I am going to share with you some astounding affiliate marketing traffic sources for targeted traffic.

  • With targeted traffic you can get enough readers for your product reviews.
  • Build your mailing list.
  • Build your reputation and establish your expertise.
  • Generate affiliate sales.

affiliate marketing traffic sources

This makes traffic the most important element of any affiliate marketing campaign and yet it is the hardest skill to master.There are two types of affiliate marketers, those that own a website and those who don’t.

If you don’t own an affiliate website then you will depend on free traffic sources for affiliate marketing that allows adding your affiliate link and promoting it. But still not owning an affiliate website will limit your traffic options as not all of traffic sources are affiliate link friendly.

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If however you own an affiliate website then you will find that almost all types of affiliate marketing traffic sources are available at your disposal and you can benefit from them in so many ways.

Search Engine Affiliate Traffic Source (SEO)

SEO can take a 1 month affiliate business into a whole new dimension. It is in fact in the list of the best affiliate marketing traffic sources that exists in our age. Traffic from search engines especially, Google are of high quality because they are laser targeted and they can bring potential buyers to your affiliate website.

But with all its quality and benefits, it is still the hardest traffic source to use. Because Google changes its algorithm multiple times a year, you need to stay up to date with what currently works.

Search engine optimization should be your long term plan and don’t depend on it to bring you visitors in the first month, unless you have a good track record of ranking on Google and know what you are doing.

Backlinks and content are the driving force behind SEO success and if you followed the guidelines I will provide shortly, then you be able to get most of your pages on the top 10 SERPs.

  • Blog commenting
  • Social backlinks
  • Guest posting

These are all good affiliate marketing traffic sources and for acquiring quality backlinks that you can start to work on.

Blog commenting is still a good source of link building even though there has been a crack down on them by Google. In the early days it was possible to build hundreds of blog comments with your anchor text and get ranked in an instant.

Google realized that and to solve their SEO manipulation problem they introduced a nofollow HTML attribute, and that helped them reduce the amount of spammy links and clean up their SERPs.

That doesn’t mean that blog commenting is dead, not by a long shot. You can still get links from blog comments but only if you followed these rules:

  • Leave a comment with your real name and not your keyword
  • Read the post before you comment and leave an insightful comment
  • Don’t overdo it and make only 2% to 5% of your back-link profile from comments

By following these rules you will be able to get a bunch of quality back-links and move on to other types of links.

Social backlinks can be acquired by signing up to the top social media websites like:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google+,
  • Instagram and Pinterest
  • Social Bookmarking sites

They might be a handful of social media websites out there, but when combined with other types of backlinks they could have a great effect on your backlink profile.

Guest posting is yet another good source of creating powerful backlink and it is indeed in a list of affiliate marketing traffic sources as well.

Make sure you put in your best work on your articles and follow the website’s owner guidelines, and don’t be too eager to get a do-follow backlink as it is a huge turn off.

You just do your part by writing the best content you can and leave it to the owner to decide how he will award your content.

Social Media Affiliate Traffic Source

In any niche you will find many people on social websites are talking about it, and tapping into this pool of traffic can benefit you greatly.

Take for example Twitter:

Social Media Affiliate Traffic Source

You can see that in a span of 10 minutes there are many people talking about the niche “weight loss”. 

Those people also search in Twitter using weight loss keywords, and by tweeting your informative blog post regularly, you will be able to attract many of those users to your affiliate website.

Twitter is not the only social media channel you can use; there is also Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

So participate in as many social media channels as you can, and get your blog post in front of them.

It is not advisable to promote your product review page on social media; People there are not looking to buy anything, they are only socializing.

And reading problem-solving articles can be considered part of this socialization and many of those people will come back to your website for more articles.

Video Content Affiliate Traffic Source

Video content is the king of all content; and off course an excellent strategy of affiliate marketing traffic sources. People find it easier to watch a video than to read an article, it is much easier for our brain to absorb image content than textual one.

What makes video content a perfect affiliate traffic source is that you can solve problems that can only be demonstrated by videos.

To better demonstrate the impact of videos on affiliate marketing sales, let’s examine the web hosting niche.

Video Content Affiliate Traffic Source

By searching YouTube for “how to install WordPress on blog”, affiliates can solve this problem and at the same time promote their affiliate link:

Video Affiliate Traffic Source

With so many views imagine if you could only generate 100 sales on a $30 commission affiliate product.

That is $3,000 in affiliate sales from just one video that is covering one single niche problem.

So you need to find out what problems your niche suffers from and try to make a video that explains step by step how to solve it, all while adding your affiliate link for people to click on.

You always need to be creative on how to utilize any traffic source, and try to learn the step by step techniques of different affiliate marketing traffic sources at a time.

No need to spread yourself too thin, because if you give for example Twitter enough time examining it then you will find that there are tricks and strategies that you can apply to your affiliate website.

Different affiliate marketing training (like affset.com) and blogs focus on different types of affiliate traffic sources, and you can learn a lot from these learning materials.

So get active and start learning those traffic techniques and don’t procrastinate

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