Article Submission Sites – 10 High PR Dofollow Resources

As we all know that  article submission sites are the prolific way to submit your written material in to article marketing directories. It is an eminent practice for search engine optimization. Due to this experts use this method a lot as per their requirements to boost their search rankings. It is also a great way to earn quality backlinks. 

So, at the moment I come up with top 10 article submission sites which definitely make good impact on your overall Seo. Dofollow backlinks submission in article directories plays fundamental role in this scenario. Indeed it is an oldest technique which is not as much as complex as people think. Actually every one can easily do this job adequately who has little knowledge of Seo & linkbuilding.

article submission sites

As a Blogger our major obligation is to consistently update content on blogs because this is infact the phenomenal way to get more eyeballs on our posts and to get more visitors on daily basis.On the other hand if you submit articles on these top 10 article submission sites you will simply get some quality high PR dofollow backlinks. And you will find a nice flow and a dramatic change on your website traffic. With this formula you can increase the reputation and the followers also. 

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top 10 article submission sites

Article Submission Sites Along With Benefits

  • These are the recognized platforms where people eagerly share their written material because they know very well that these platforms has huge readership.
  • In past dofollow directories submission is also used for the intention of swiftly getting the Google page rank.
  • With this method you can easily acquire quality dofollow backlinks which is extremely good for your overall Seo.

Always Keep Away From These Mistakes

Things which you have to know before submitting your articles in High PR Article Submission Sites are as follow. If you follow this course of action in article marketing you’ll get astounding results in reward. 

Use Of Software’s For Submission

I saw most of the time experts try to build links through different sort of software’s and they apply same formula in article submission. My advice is, always submit your content in to these directories manually. Although it will take lots of time as compare to instant submissions through numerous tools.  

Low Quality Content

Always share valuable and extensive content into these places because search engines give more value to lengthy posts as compare to 4 or 5 hundred words posts. There is a huge misconception that these are the places where one can instantly get backlink with less effort and low quality articles.

Believe me if you do this mistake you are just wasting your precious time and you’ll not get any satisfactory results. Always provide the same valuable content as you are writing for your own blog.

Omission In Grammar & Duplicate Issues

Before submitting your articles you must cross check the plagiarism and grammatical mistakes. Because they have a team who meticulously checkout the writing mistakes as well as duplicate issues found in your content. There are many suitable plagiarism and grammar checker tools available on internet which are free of cost and you can use for this sake.

Choose Irrelevant Category

Never forget the most vital part while submission in to these places. Mostly beginners do this mistake that they choose wrong category; indeed right category helps you a lot. If you published your content into irrelevant places believe me you are losing your indispensable content as well as precious time.  

Negligence Of Simple Content

You ought to write in a way that everyone can easily understand. Keep in mind, always stay away from complicated jargon. If you use difficult lingo or words in your content you’ll not attract more people. Infact your main aim is to attract more and more visitors.  

Carelessness In Reading Each & Every guideline

The main thing which is necessary for you is to read the guidelines of every website because every platform has their own specific rules and criteria. I have noticed many of us didn’t focus this important element which is indeed a biggest flaw.


Well with these superlative article submission sites with instant approval you can nicely promote your online business. On-page Seo is infact the central part for optimizing content but you didn’t overlook the Off-Page also. So; dofollow article submission sites are the incredible way to achieve your required ambition in search engine optimization.Hope you guys like these lines, do not forget to share it on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

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