How To Create Fire Text Effect Photoshop – Easy Tutorial

Today’s tutorial is all about fire text effect Photoshop. I am pretty much sure that you have almost seen many tutorials on this particular topic. In which you can scrutinize that most of the time the designers make their full efforts to make fire text effect in a more pragmatic way and most of the time they are failed. Means they are not able to provide the details which make their text more dynamic.

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So, in this short tutorial along with video I’ll be covering the quickest and the easiest steps, while creating fire text effect Photoshop. As such you don’t need anything extra to a certain extent except applying few blending features, which are in shape of Photoshop effects, as well as an image of fire which you can easily find on internet.

Fire Text Effect Photoshop

I have selected this cool text effect all because that it is very beautiful, looking natural and people are searching it for most of the time on internet. So, I have decided to show you how to create fire text effect in Photoshop.

After completing your effect you will feel like your letters are burning like flame. It will give you a real fire effect.  

One more thing that I have already discussed is that our main aim is to endow with more details and create fire text effect Photoshop in a way which looks more realistic. I am not applying filters like Liquify, Wind nor applying Hue-Saturation to accomplish this amazing text effect.

To know more about how to make this type of super cool effect in Photoshop and what are the resources which you can use to get similar results? Read out the complete post thoroughly and don’t forget to watch out our complete video tutorial which is indeed the ultimate guide.

How To Create Fire Effect In Photoshop – Complete Steps

Step No. 1

Open Photoshop program and create a New Document with 1280 x 720 Presets, set Background Color to Black and fill it with the help of Paint Bucket Tool.

Step No. 2

Press T on your keyboard to activate Horizontal Type Tool and write particular text. You can use any font but the font which I am using is Aharoni with white color.

Step No. 3

Right click on your Text Layer and choose Blending Options for applying different effects on fire text effect Photoshop >> Outer Glow >> Blend Mode >> Screen >> Opacity 75 % and the color which I have selected to glow is F90808 and click on Ok, Size should be around 11 PX.

Step No. 4

Click on Satin >> Blend Mode Multiply >> Color 872d0f >> Opacity 100 % >> Distance 7 PX >> Size 14 PX

Step No. 5

The next effect which I am going to apply is Color Overlay >> Set Blend Mode to Normal >> the color which I have chosen is DAAC48 and the Opacity is 100 %.

Step No. 6

Select Inner Shadow from your Layer Style and set Blend Mode to Color Dodge >> Color E4D961 >> Opacity 100 %. Right click on Text layer and choose Rasterize Layer. Now press E from your keyboard for activating Eraser tool, Choose Brush the Master Diameter of your brush should be around 155.

Slightly erase the top edges of your text then go to Filter Menu >> Distort >> ZigZag You’ll see three different option over there, Amount, Ridges and Style. Your Amount and Ridges should be 6 and the style is Pond ripples.

Step No. 7

Call out your fire image on Photoshop and simply move that image on your project file simply by drag and drop. Before going in to further deep details make sure your image layer is selected, click on Channels Tab >> Ctrl + Left click on Green Layer.

Step No. 8

Click on Layers Tab and Press Ctrl + J on keyboard and turn off your main fire layer, because we don’t need this further. To provide more realistic touch and details of your Fire text effect Photoshop you are in need to specify the positions where you place the flame.

So, you can use it with different variations with different sizes and different angles to accomplish your text effect like a pro.


Since from a long time I am trying to share with you different types of dynamic text effect which include diamond, Gold, Sparkling text effects etc. Today I come up with fire text effect Photoshop which is again very simple to follow. Hope, you will learn it easily and effectively. If you like it do share this post with your friends on social media.

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