How To Create Barcode Instantly By Using Different Methods

In today’s tutorial, I am going to expound how to create barcode promptly in Photoshop. In addition to this, various other methods like online barcode generator which facilitate us to easily create barcode and QR codes straight away without any hesitation by a little work.

Create Barcode

According to the demand of modern era and for the better growth of any business one cannot neglect the momentous role of barcodes. Because these are more precise than human. No matter how much efficient and professional you are in business but still huge chances of human slip-ups are involved because of manual entries.

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In fact, it is the superlative choice for maintaining accuracy and tracking immediate information or record about any product. So, implementing these in your business will be fruitful and a real time saver.

Below, I am going to show you how to make a barcode in Photoshop. So, let’s move on our step by step guide to create barcode instantly.

Create Barcode In Photoshop – Step By Step Guide

Step 1

First of all, Create a New Layer and give appropriate dimensions.I have set them into 1280 x 720 Pixels and then Press Ok. Now I will make a new Blank Layer and will choose Rectangular Marquee Tool from the Toolbar. Then I will make an immediate selection in the middle of selected project.

Once we are done with this part nicely our next step is to fill it with Black color by using Paint Bucket Tool. Keep in mind you must set the foreground color to black.

Step 2

It’s time to play with Photoshop filters, Go to Filter Menu >> Noise >> Add Noise a separate window is open in front of you, where you can easily apply some important changes to make this effect more accurate. As you can see I have set the Amount: up to 330 >> Distribution:  Gaussian and ticked the Monochromatic option.

Step 3

Now choose Single Row Marquee Tool from the toolbar and click at the middle of your object. You’ll see a line appears above your object. Press Ctrl + T and move it upwards and downwards to make a perfect barcode. To remove the dancing ends on your object press Ctrl + D.

Step 4

Once your desired shape is ready. Choose Rectangular Marquee tool once again and make a selection on those areas of your object which you want to delete permanently for the more realistic look to instantly create barcode by using delete key.

Step 5

One can use any background according to his own choice, I have already created a BG. Now I simply turn on my BG layer and set Blending Mode to Multiply >> Choose Horizontal Type Tool to write down the unique numbers to create a barcode. Now transform the text or hit Ctrl + T and enlarge it as per your need and place it in a suitable position.

Step 6

Create another Black layer and place it at the bottom of your main layer. Set Foreground color to White and select Rectangle Tool from the toolbar. Draw a rectangular shape as I have shown in the video because this little technique applies a nice barcode sticker effect.

Step 7

It’s time to use some Layer Styles. So, double click on your selected shape and play with blending features. The very first layer style which I am using is Drop Shadow >> Opacity 23 % >> Angle: 128. Make sure your Global light option is enabled.

Step 8

Bevel and Emboss >> Style Inner Bevel >> Technique: Smooth >> Distance Up >> Size 0 >> Soften 0 >> Angle 128 along with Use Global Light Option >> Altitude 10 >> Shadow Mode: Multiply >> Opacity 17 %.

Step 9

Gradient Overlay >> Blend Mode: Normal >> Opacity 13 % and enabled Reverse Option >> Style: Reflected >> Angle 115.

Step 10

Stroke >> Size 5 PX >> Color: DFDBDB Press Ok.

Always retain in mind there are copious free barcode and QR generators available on the internet which one can use for our convenience. Below are some cherished resources which are conducive for instantly generating numerous types of barcodes.

1 D Barcode Generator


QR Code Generators


Difference Between Barcodes and QR Code

Guys Barcodes are single dimensional and static type which has less ability to collect data as compare to QR type. It can only store data up to 20 digits merely in numeric form. Well, it is in the shape of parallel lines which collects data in the form of codes which are used to track consumer products. Barcode scanners are handy to read out the whole information which is stored in it. Barcodes were introduced in 1974 by NCR Corp.

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On the other¬†hand,¬†Qrcodes¬†which are also known as “Quick Response”, are 2 dimensional and it encodes both horizontally and vertically. Due to¬†this, they can easily store huge amount of information up to 4 thousand words in the¬†shape¬†of alphanumeric.

Denso Wave introduces QR codes in 1994 which is indeed a well-known Japanese company. The good thing in QR is, one can easily read them with the help of 2D barcode scanner and simply by our smartphones.

World Wide Use

Individuals, who recently started their career as a freelancer and provided their services on different popular platforms like Fiverr, People per Hour, Up work, Guru and much more. They are already aware of the importance of these. Below I have shared its use on different mediums.

qr business card

QR types are mostly used in Business Cards, Online and offline advertisement, Different sort of stationery, Coupons, Numerous types of events, Use in Garments, Website URLS, Contact Details, Video, text images and much more.

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BC types are most commonly used in Hospitals, Medical Labs, Consumer Products, Super Markets and much more.

Numerous Types Of Barcodes

To know more about all of these in depth one must need to understand its 4 main categories. These categories contain several other types. For your convenience, I have shared an image which gives you an idea to understand more.

Barcode types


Guys if you are looking for an awesome barcode marker then this piece of content along with video guide will be pretty much helpful in this regard. After having an eye on this article, one can certainly create barcode¬†very easily. If you like our work do share it on social platforms with your friends and don’t forget to share your opinions about my article in the comment section.

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