How To Convert Photo To Pencil Sketch In Photoshop

I am very excited to share with you an excellent tutorial of Photoshop which makes it easy for you to convert photo to pencil sketch. From the very beginning, man is trying to sketch the natural scenes and exquisiteness.

I am talking about the time, when he did not have a page or a pencil to draw something. If we study the history, we will find that the early sketches drawn by the man are found in different rocks, caves and on different mounds.

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photo to pencil sketch

4 Easy Steps To Make Photoshop Pencil Sketch

Open desire image in Photoshop Copy background Layer then copy your Copied Layer >> Go to Image Menu >> Adjustments >> Desaturate

Now it’s time to copy desaturated Layer one more time and Press Ctrl+I to invert your image and change Blend Mode to Color Dodge

Go to Filter Menu >> Blur >> Gaussian Blur >> here you slightly move the Radius to increase or decrease the depth of your image.

Final step is to go to Image Menu >> Adjustments >> Levels slightly move your Level to right side and when you might think that your image looks better then click on Ok and Save it.

Convert Image Into Pencil Sketch-Photoshop… by etutorialblog

Importance Of Pencil Sketch

Sketch is being drawn with the art of few lines, which are colorless. But instead it looks real. This is a God gifted art, found in few. If we look few years back, we can find that in different legislative institutions individuals were hired who have this ability.

Who would draw the sketch of a criminal without seeing him, taking help from an eye witness only. It was very time consuming. But it is still in practice in many institutions, and its importance cannot be denied.

Most of the newly married couples are also fond of making their sketches. Indeed the main aims of these couples are to capture these golden memories for life time.

Computer Sciences have introduced such legendary tools for graphic designing that the work which was done in hours, only takes few minutes to be completed.

In painting, the first step is to draw a sketch. After it is completed we add colors into it, so that it looks more real.

But the big change in computer sciences came when Photoshop was introduced. With its help we can convert any color photo to pencil sketch. We remove its colors by the help of this awesome software and it seems as if the artist has drawn it with a pencil.


Today, we have learned that in the Photoshop one can convert photo to pencil sketch. To make it easy for you the video tutorial for the whole steps is provided. Hope you’ll learn this technique. Share this information with your friends through social media. If you have any confusion related to this tutorial you are welcome to ask.

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