Cadbury Chocolate Photoshop Tutorial – How To Make Chocolate Effect

In this chocolate effect Photoshop tutorial, we are going to learn how to make yummy Cadbury Chocolate. As we all know that people love it a lot because of its delicious taste and it is pretty much liked for all age groups. Indeed Cadbury is the 2nd largest well-known confectionery food company of the world which deals in numerous food products.

John Cadbury was the founder of this multinational company which was founded in 1824 Birmingham U.K. He started this business with the mutual corporation of his brother Benjamin. They both work hard for the benefit of this company and spread the business worldwide. The company efficaciously covers 193 years of its journey of popularity.

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Cadbury Chocolate

Irene Rosenfeld is the current CEO and Chairman is pretty confident for more future success. Now Cadbury’s is the subsidiary of Mondelez International which is a recognized U.S company and its Headquarters exists in Uxbridge, UK. So, in this quick video guide, I have shared the immediate way that how to make chocolate in Photoshop.

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Keep in mind we don’t require any sort of ingredients in this regard for making chocolate because Photoshop did a fantastic job for this purpose and provide more ease to complete our Cadbury Chocolate effect without using such ingredients.

Chocolate making in Photoshop is fun you can see how conveniently I can complete this magnificent effect. Here I have shared the instantaneous guide that how to make chocolate from scratch. So, guys without losing your valuable time let’s move on our tutorial.

How To Make Cadbury Chocolate In Adobe Photoshop

Step No. 1

Create a new file with the Dimensions of 1280 x 720 Pixels >> Resolution: 300 Pix/Inch >> Color Mode: RGB and Background Contents:  White. As you can see I have already created a nice background for my own choice. It’s up to you to select the appropriate BG to create this effect.

Step No. 2

Create a Blank Layer and choose a Rectangular Marquee Tool from the toolbar and Zoom In your canvas area little more. Now make a Quick Selection for creating Cadbury chocolate cube in Photoshop. Fill it with FD3F08 color and remove the selections simply by pressing Ctrl + D on your keyboard.

Step No. 3

Make sure the Cadbury Chocolate layer is selected then go to Blending Options to play with its powerful features to complete our effect. In Layer styles choose Bevel & Emboss >> Size 21 PX >> Technique: Chisel Hard >> Soften: 4 PX>> Angle: 122 >> and Altitude: 58. Don’t forget to check Use Global Light option and Press Ok.

Step No. 4

Pick up a Text tool and write down the chocolate name at the middle of your chocolate cube. Double click on your Text layer because you are in need to apply some Layer styles. So, select Bevel & Emboss >> Size 5 PX >> Style Emboss >> Direction: Down >>Depth: Increase or decrease the depth as per the result of your object and Press Ok.

Step No. 5

For the more realistic touch, I am going to Transform the text on Angle 45.  Now copy the text and Cadbury chocolate layer for a couple of times and place them in appropriate positions which I have shown in the video. After that, select all the layers one by one Right click from your mouse and Merge Layers.

Step No. 6

Now you can see all the layers are merged together and one can easily move it from one place to another.  Press Ctrl + T to transform it and set them into its right place by using Move tool. This is the quick method of creating chocolate in Photoshop.

Step No. 7

At last, I simply turn on another layer with making our effect more professional along with the text layer. Hope you like this tutorial.


So, Guys as you can see how nicely I can accomplish Cadbury Chocolate tutorial with the lovely support of layer styles and some blending features available in PS. Hope you too can create and generate the very similar result. If you have any query related to chocolate effect Photoshop tutorial drop your comment and do share it on Social media.

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