10 Biggest Blogging Mistakes You Can Face While Starting Blog

Online blogging is no longer a sphere of the chosen writers only. Today anyone can become a blogger. Of course, no one guarantees that your blog will be successful. But you can do everything possible to avoid the biggest blogging mistakes and create a promising blog that in some time will bring you the desired results.

biggest blogging mistakes

A good start for a blog is crucial. If you fail your start, it will be difficult for you to regain the attention of your readers. So before you start to write, learn out our tips on how to avoid mistakes. This list of recommendations is based on our experience: we analyzed our personal drawbacks and highlighted the most effective decisions that had been taken during launching a new blog.

10 Biggest Blogging Mistakes To Avoid

1. You Do Not Have A Content Plan

If you want to write for yourself, you are not a blogger. If you want to write for people, you need to be responsible. A blogger is a writer, a content manager, a social media marketing manager, and in some cases even a developer in one person. Your field of responsibilities includes creating an effective content strategy. Your posts should not be identical. Some of them may contain text information only; other posts may contain only pictures. You need to decide what type of content should predominate in your blog.

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2. Too Many Posts

This is a common problem and one of the biggest blogging mistakes of new bloggers: they want to post everything. Sometimes, it is a problem of their content plan. They decide that they need to write more, as a bigger number of posts will attract a bigger number of readers. In fact, it works in a reverse way. For example, you’ve decided to write about education. Do not post 5 reviews of the universities in one day even if you think that these posts are just perfect. It is better to post them once in a couple of days. Your readers will anticipate these posts, and you will not annoy them with the flow of your content.

3. You Post Once In A While

Some new bloggers think that it is better to write just a couple posts in a week. But your readers will forget you if you write just once in a while. That can bring you to another biggest blogging mistakes and If you have no time to write a big post, use additional methods to keep your readers attracted: add your links to social networks and use them to build a strong communication. The regularity of your posting is crucial for your marketing.

4. Long Reads

The golden rule of a good post is to make it shorter. Anyone can write 5000-words long reads with deep and profound analysis, own ideas of solving problems, and non-informative descriptive abstracts. But if you want to keep your readers attracted, write short and captivating posts. Save their time: let they spend only 5 minutes for reading your post than decide not to read it at all. If you can add a picture to depict something funny or related to the theme of your post, it is better to use pictures, not to describe in words.

5. Your Posts Are Uninformative

Information is precious. Even if you’ve decided to create an entertainment blog, you need to stick to the idea of informative posts. This is a common blogging mistake of students who have got used to write a lot without some clear idea. When you write a post for your blog, you need to be informative. If people see that you bring nothing new to them, they will never read you.

6. Engagement Is Not Important For You

Make sure that you have some ways to communicate with your readers. Your readers should have the possibility to share your posts via social media. It increases the engagement of your readers, and you can really control how many people liked your post

7. You Use Poor Headlines

The first thing that attracts the attention to your post is a headline. If you have a weak headline, no one will read the article. This can lead you to a rude, one of the biggest blogging mistakes. If you have no idea how to create a catchy headline, browse popular portals and notice the headlines of the articles you read. Try to define some working tips for your blog. Perhaps, you will use scandalous headlines or try some word play to make your readers read the article.

8. Poor Lead Paragraph As The Biggest Blogging Mistake You Have Ever Made

A catchy headline is not enough. The following thing you need to check is your first paragraph. Here you need to make sure that you’ve explained to your readers what you are going to write about. But do not uncover all information: keep the intrigue and make readers get involved in this article.

 9. Unformatted Writing

If you did’t formatted your post it is one of the biggest blogging mistakes and problem of new writers. Do you read articles which have no headings, just long paragraphs without some logical accents? Always format your posts. Add headings to divide some ideas, use bold style to accent some words, accent quotations, names of books, movies, etc. A good idea is to use pictures. If you use your own pictures, do not forget about watermarks of copyright. If you use someone’s pictures, indicate the sources where you’ve taken those pictures. In this way, you will avoid any problems with plagiarism.

10. You Do Not Cooperate With Other Bloggers

If you want to stand apart from other bloggers, your blog will never become popular. That is the most unapologetic and the biggest blogging mistake blogger can face.

Blogging community is strong enough to make you popular and to make you no one. If you want to become a professional writer, communicate with other bloggers. They are always open for cooperation. Visit bloggers forums, find friends who have their own blogs, share the experience, and always learn something new.

If you are a student, blogging is the best way for you to understand what you can achieve using your communication skills, your talents, and your desire to become independent. Besides, blogging will not influence your academic progress. It can only make it better, especially in practical marketing and writing skills! 


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